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A web solution designed for Municipalities, Local Governments and SOEs across the South African landscape.

What ePact brings to the table?

What is ePact?

ePact is a comprehensive e-Procurement and e-Contract web application created to comply with PFMA & MFMA compliance guidelines.

Why has it been designed this way?


ePact can be accessed anytime/anywhere by all by all authorized role players in the

Cloud vs Local Environment

ePact is primarily optimized to operate on the cloud to be accessible on the wider
internet platform but is fully capable of delivering a quality output with in a local
server environment for intranet or remote desktop access

Robust Login and Role-Based Access

ePact is build to strictly permit access to organization registered users and allows
and denies access to parts of the system based on the user’s role in the system

Notifications and Audit Trail Functionality
ePact tracks time and dates when tasks were performed and which user performed them.

Intuitively informs what the next tasks need attention and which user must perform the task through a clearly laid out notifications board.

All In One Solution

How does ePact benefit you?

ePact is a product that is aimed to meet the needs of the organisations, who wish to improve their efficiencies and work smarter.
The vision of the team was to design a contract management tool that compliments and promotes digital transformation.

Experience time and cost-saving with a seamless procurement and contract solution
Maintain work output and team collaboration form remote locations
Increase good governance, reliability and integrity

Does this sound familiar, procurement activity and risk service delivery backlog or procurement inefficiencies caused by global circumstances?

At ePact we believe we have found the solution…

A solution for Municipalities

What issues are being

During the global pandemic, municipalities are facing difficulties starting, managing and completing their procurement cycles regardless of the length or complexity of the process. This is where ePact shines.

The Solution:

ePact is designed and built to cater for public sector entities that must abide by the PFMA guidelines and subject to audits by the Auditor General’s office.

What can I do with ePact?

Procurement and contract management remains the highest source of risk, bad publicity, unfavourable audit reports, irregular and wasteful expenditure in all levels of government. Place ePact at the heart of your sourcing and supplier performance monitoring workflow and eliminate these drawbacks and transform your organization

Regulatory compliance

ePact acts as a compliance monitoring tool that minimizes risk and allows managers to focus their attentions elsewhere. The risk of regulatory non-compliance that regularly manifests, either through omission or commission, is eliminated by following a prescribed process in ePact.

Workflow adherence

ePact is a user-friendly tool which does not require extensive training of users to get them up to speed and down to work. The system has a prompting mechanism that guides all users to accurately follow the
regulated workflow.


ePact offers privacy, security and access to information
• Contract and document repository safety is guaranteed
• All activity is logged in the system, through audit trails
• The cloud/SaaS deployments offer reliability and business continuity, with a 99.95% uptime guarantee
• 2-factor authentication where normal password authentication is not sufficient
• Perform frequent vulnerability scanning and ensure our cloud infrastructure is compliance with leading security standards such as SSAE 16 (SAS 70)

Separation of duties

Separation of duties and the principle of delegation are critical governance concerns. The system’s team approach ensures each member of the procurement/ contract team is dependent on the other to complete the contract process.


Following PFMA standards, ePact is built on the foundation of a performance-driven system of measurable outputs and outcomes. The system provides approval functionality across its workflow to ensure subordinate, management and cross-functional team accountability.


ePact is inspired by PFMA guidelines that accounting authorities must undertake and manage to ensure the effective, efficient, economic and transparent use of state resources.

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ePact Brochure

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ePact Brochure

To understand more on the contract lifecycle management process and how you can adopt ePact, download the document below.

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